With the project ERGo! we want to motivate people to stand in for the conservation of biodiversity on our planet. We will develop a gamified smartphone app that allows the user to take pictures of insects in their natural habitats and thereby contribute to a study that aims to map insect biodiversity. Most importantly, however, we want to show how much fun nature can be! With a digital "Top Trumps" card game everybody can play online against their buddies and almost without realizing learn a whole bunch of fun facts about one of the most important groups of animals on earth. Providing beautiful and detailed illustrations of some hand-picked species, together with some of their most prominent features, we want to convince you that insects don't deserve their poor reputation.

We are currently developing a prototype version together with artist and illustrator Camila Ortega.

Citizens Scientists have to find 4 special representatives of the 4 super families of Biodiversity (Coleoptera, Hymenoptera, Lepidoptera, Diptera).