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Vision explained


In this workshop we shed light on our own visual system. How do eyes turn light into signals the brain can understand? And how do our brains then make sense of all this information? After a quick tour of different visual systems (in humans and other animals) based on fascinating optical illusions, we introduce you to the world of visual neuroscience with the aid of fun and eye-opening DIY experiments. In parallel, we demonstrate the power of modern artificial intelligence (AI) and why it’s often the best plan to just copy from nature. Through this workshop everybody can learn how easily perception is tricked and that even computers make similar mistakes.

Do we always see

What does a computer see? 
How does artificial intelligence `



Neurons in action



In this workshop, we demonstrate how easy it is to do real neuroscience experiments. With low-cost amplifiers and your smartphone or PC we can measure, record, and visualize all kinds of action potentials. Together, we answer various questions from brain research: From where do these electric signals come? How are they generated? And can we use them to interface between brains and computers? In a laid back atmosphere, we perform various neuroscience experiments and discuss the results using open-source analysis tools. After this workshop, you will understand how neurons work, gain a clearer picture of your brain, and learn to do science without breaking the bank.

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Did you know, that electricity is constantly running through your body

These Electrical signals are called action potentials


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